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Recital 2023
Guidelines and Information

Recital Theme Reveal - 2023.png

June 4th, 2023

Independence High School

23115 Learning Cir, Ashburn, VA 20148

2pm and 6pm

We can’t wait for our dancers to rock out on stage like the superstars they are in this year’s recital “I’m With the Band!” This page has all the information needed to ensure a pleasant and memorable recital experience for your dancer. Please read all information fully and contact your studio director with any questions. 

For dancers on Curtain Up, and CDCompany & CDCrew, please proceed to the Team Page for details about dress rehearsal and recital performances.

Team, Curtain Up, and Ballet Class Rehearsal / Recital Assignments

Each participating family receives TWO (2) free tickets as part of your recital fee. After the May 20th tuition payment has been paid in full, you will receive instructions via email regarding how to claim those free tickets. Additional tickets may be purchased for $15/each, $20/day of show. Purchase tickets with button below.

Recital Tickets

Recital Tickets

Dress Rehearsal

Dress Rehearsal

All recital dances will be rehearsed on stage at Independence High School on Tuesday, May 30.

Your dancer will rehearse their routine between 5:15pm - 9:00pm. Consult your dancer's specific class instructions for specific time!

Please arrive 15 mins prior to your dancer's scheduled rehearsal time! 

  • Dancers should proceed directly to the auditorium. Only one parent should accompany their dancer. 

  • When you arrive, check in with a CDC Staff member.

    • All dancers MUST arrive with your hair and makeup COMPLETELY finished, wearing their costume (or first costume, if performing in more than one routine). 

  • Dancers who are performing in more than one dance should bring their other costume(s) on a hanger, with accessories and shoes in a zip-lock bag.  The costume hanger should be labeled with the dancer’s name 
  • Each dance is scheduled in a 20 min block with 2 other classes. Upon completion of that block of routines, the dancers are allowed to leave. So expect your dancer to be ready to be picked up approximately 20-30 mins AFTER your assigned rehearsal time (or last rehearsal time, if your dancer has multiple routines). Please note: As this is a technical rehearsal as well as an opportunity for our dancers to perform their routine on stage, our schedule may fluctuate as we make adjustments to prepare for recital.

Of note: Recital classes will still meet on May 31st - Jun 3rd (Wed - Sat) between dress rehearsal and recital. Please plan accordingly.

Honoring a performing with flowers is a tradition in the theater. If you'd like to order flowers to be picked up before the recital for you to present to your dancer, you may order these flowers when you purchase your tickets. (you may bring your own. we offer this merely as a convenience). All proceeds from flower sales go to support the CDC Competitive teams booster club.

All flowers must be ordered by May 19th so we have time to place the order.



In case of emergency during dress rehearsal or recital, please call 571-758-2320

Picture Day

Picture Day

All classes will have group photos taken in their recital costume. Each family also has the option to purchase individual photos of their dancer.

Photo Day is Sunday, May 21st at the South Riding studio.

All dancers are requested to attend photo day, even if you are not purchasing any photos. That way, the group photos include the entire class.

Click here to download photo order form


Each class has been assigned a 20 minute time slot during which a group photo and any individual photos will be taken. This time can be found on your dancer's individual class information page.


Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before your dancer’s assigned timeslot IN your costume with hair and makeup done. Parents may have dancer wear hair and makeup however they would like for photos. Dancers in multiple classes should arrive in their first costume and will change costumes after their first photo is taken.

Recital Day
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Costume Intruction

Class Instructions, Dress Rehearsal and Recital Assignments

This page is extremely important as all details about your child's class is contained on this page. On that page, you will see the picture day schedule, dress rehearsal schedule and recital assignments by class. In addition, you can navigate to your dancer's specific class and click to obtain important hair, makeup, and other costume instructions.  Teachers have specified hair styles, makeup, and shoe requirements for each class. This information can be found by clicking on the link below.

Class Information Sheet and Rehearsal/Recital Assignments

For dancers on CDCompany and CDCrew, please proceed to the Team Page for details about dress rehearsal and recital performances.

Team, Curtain Up, and Ballet Class Rehearsal / Recital Assignments

Recital Day FAQs

When is my son or daughter performing?

There are two (2) recitals planned for June 4th. Your dancer will perform in one recital. Recital dances are assigned as follows.

Consult your dancer's specific class instructions here for show assignments! 

Can I attend the recital?

Absolutely! Each family receives 2 tickets as part of their recital fee. Details regarding free tickets will be provided to families after May 20th tuition payment. Note: Family account must be up to date to participate in recital activities.

Additional tickets may be purchased for $15. 

Click here purchase additional tickets


The recital will also be recorded and a digital download of the performance will be provided to each family as part of the "Performance Fee"

Photo Opportunities:  

Take photos of your dancer and their friends at the "Step and Repeat" banner/background in the lobby. Post on Social Media!  be sure to tag us! @cdcva on Instagram, or Creative Dance Center VA on Facebook. Photos or video may NOT be taken during the recital as it is distracting to the dancers and other audience members.

What should my dancer bring? 

All costumes and dance shoes, of course! In addition, we recommend the following:

  • Hair Brush, Bobby Pins, Hair Nets, Hair Spray and GelQ. All hair should be styles as prescribed on the costume instruction sheet. All stray hairs should be pinned and/or sprayed and gelled back so there are no flyaways.

  • Lipstick, blush, mascara for any necessary touch ups.

  • Safety pins

  • Extra pair of new tights (in case of runs)

  • Clear liquids to drink. NOTE: Please don't let your dancer eat or drink in their costume


When should I bring my dancer? Where should I go? What should I do? 

Dancers should arrive at the facility 45 minutes before their assigned performance time. The assigned performance is on the costume instructions page for each dance. Click here to find your dancer's costume instructions.

Dancer MUST arrive dressed in their costume (or first costume, if they have more than one), hair in the appropriate style and makeup applied. Reminder: no jewelry, nail polish, and absolutely no underwear showing under leotard style costumes. If your dancer must wear underwear, it needs to be high leg, bikini style so that none of it shows beneath the legs of the costume. And absolutely NO patterns as these will often show through the costume.


Dancer should bring ONLY a water bottle and their dance shoes. Dancers who are performing in more than one dance should bring their other costume(s) on a hanger, with accessories and shoes in a zip-lock bag.  The costume hanger should be labeled with the dancer’s name. Any dance bags or other items should remain with a parent. NO FOOD OR DRINK (other than water) is allowed BACKSTAGE, in the DRESSING ROOMS, or the AUDITORIUM.

Please write your dancer's name in their dance shoes and on the tags of their costumes so we can identify any lost it

Your dancer will meet a CDC staff member in the lobby of the high school. The dancer will be escorted backstage or to a dressing room (for those with multiple dances). Parents will not be allowed in the backstage area. Volunteers have been assigned to assist with any costume changes. Parents may then proceed to the auditorium for the performance.

Is my dancer required to wear a mask?

Masks will not be required in the dressing rooms, backstage, or while performing. As always, you may choose to have your dancer wear a mask. If you choose to wear a mask, they should wear a skin tone mask. Skin tone masks may be purchased from various web sites, such as Discount Dance, Amazon, and possibly from some local dance apparel stores.

What if my dancer has more than one dance?

Dancers who have more than one routine in the same recital should wear their first costume (with hair and makeup complete) and bring the costume, accessories and shoes for their second dance. The costume should be on a hanger with accessories and shoes in a large ziploc book hooked on the hanger. The costume hanger should be clearly labeled with the child's name written in large letters. No dream duffels, costume bags, shoe bags, etc. The dancers will place their second costume in a dressing room.

Dancers will be responsible for changing their costume in the dressing room between dances. Volunteers will be on hand to assist but primary responsibility will be on the dancer. No parents will be allowed in the dressing rooms.

How long is the performance? Is there an intermission?

The performance will last approximately 2 hours, including intermission, bows, and recognition of teachers at the conclusion of the performance.

Concessions will be available for sale during intermission for $1 each (cash only)

Can I take photos or videos during the performance?

Photography and video taping is not allowed during the recital. Each family will receive a link to download a digital recording of the recital as part of the "Performance Fee". This link will be provided within 3-4 weeks upon the conclusion of the recitals.

How will I pick up my dancer after the performance?

All dancers are expected to participate in our finale and bows at the end of the performance. At the conclusion of our finale, dancers will be returned to the chorus room. Please send ONLY ONE PARENT backstage to retrieve your dancer at the conclusion of the performance.

What if I have an emergency on dress rehearsal or recital day?

If you have a true emergency, such as a sick dancer, etc, please text us at 571-758-2320

We're so excited for this performance and the chance for our dancers to really shine and show us and their families everything they've learned this year!

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