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About Creative Dance Center


CDC provides the best dance education while creating positive and meaningful experiences.  Our main priority is the development of your children's happiness, confidence, and growth through the art of dance.

The CDC empowers students, providing them with the tools necessary to develop as artists, athletes, and well-rounded individuals. Dancers develop the skills and work ethic necessary to pursue a career in the performing arts, dance competitively in college, or pursue an advanced degree in the art of dance. Our dancers develop confidence, self-determination, team building, time management and commitment skills that carry with them throughout their lives to pursue any dreams they may have. Regardless of the dancer’s goal, CDC is committed to the success of each individual student.



For 37 years, CDC has provided excellence in dance education by working with top-industry-professional. Over the years, CDC has develop a unique-diversified programs that offers a variety of dance styles and dance experiences, providing students with multiple opportunities to express themselves through the art of dance. 




Support each other

Take pride in your group and in your studio

Respect your teachers and fellow dancers

One heart, one voice

Never give up

Give your best possible performance

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