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DIRECTOR: Lori Rodger

Baby Ballerina is a truly unique and special experience for our youngest dancers age 15 months to 5 years old. It is sweet and nice & kind where smiling, sharing, and saying "Thank You Very Much" are the main rules. It is filled with fairies and fairytales where imagination rules, creativity runs amuck and learning is disguised with cute-ness and fun! Baby Ballerina has been mommy adored and ballerina loved for over two decades . It is just what every mommy dreams of for her little girl and what every little girl's dreams are made of.


Summer 2023 Class Schedule

Join us for our summer 8-week session starting June 20th!
Tuition - $190

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Summer 2023 Camp Schedule

Spring 2023 Schedule

3 days of Princess fun with tea parties, crafts, and dancing!
Tuition - $195

Join us for our spring 16-week session starting Jan 28th!
Tuition - 5 payments of $78

First payment collected at time of registration,
remaining payments charged Feb 20, Mar 20, Apr 20, May 20

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Click to download spring schedule

Registration Closed for Spring 2023


South Riding

Baby Ballerina Class Descriptions

How does it all work?

Program offers two 16-week half-year sessions

Adorable child-friendly stage recital at the end of each session.

Additional recital fee (due in Nov / April) includes:


  • Darling costume, tights, and hairpiece your dancer gets to KEEP!

  • Photo shoot with professional photographer

  • Recital playlist

  • Two tickets to our Happy Show!

  • Dress rehearsal

  • Cookie Party!

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Baby Ballerina

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