Baby Ballerina

Director: Lori Rodger

Baby Ballerina is a truly unique and special experience for our youngest dancers age 15 months to 5 years old. It is sweet and nice & kind where smiling, sharing, and saying "Thank You Very Much" are the main rules. It is filled with fairies and fairytales where imagination rules, creativity runs amuck and learning is disguised with cute-ness and fun! Baby Ballerina has been mommy adored and ballerina loved for over two decades . It is just what every mommy dreams of for her little girl and what every little girl's dreams are made of.

Summer 2021 Schedule

During the summer, our youngest dancers have the opportunity to dance and twirl at summer camps AND weekly classes. Check out our options below

Summer Camps - 3 mornings - $185/week

Summer Classes - $175 for 8 weeks, 1 hour a week

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Baby Ballerina Class Descriptions

Baby Ballerina (15 months to 2 years old)

We’ll princess parade our way into a world of ballet, one tippy toe at a time! This action packed class comes with a nap guarantee! I wonder who is going to have more fun? Mommy or me!?!

Tiny Tap and Tutu (2 1/2 to 3 1/2 years old)

Sitting still is kind of tricky for us, but that’s okay! We’ll learn our first ballet positions by scooping kitties and catching butterflies with lots of help from wands, tutus and these new people called princesses - all with mommy’s leg nearby! And yes....we said tap for a 2 1/2 year old....and nothing could be better!!!

All Grown Up!  (4-5 years old)

These 1 hour Ballet, Tap & Jazz classes will be taught in the same wonderful Baby Ballerina way….but will have a few changes to help get us even more prepared for the “Big Kid” classes. Mommies and Daddies will now be completely outside of the room….and Dress-up is no longer required to help us LOVE dance….we already do!!

Twirly Tap & Jazzy Jazz (3-4 years old)

We are way beyond the baby stuff and almost have that sitting thing down. Mommy's leg doesn't even have to be that close. Now, it's time for the real ballerina-ing to begin! Let's do it all!!! Ballet, Tap & Jazz all rolled into one super fun class!

Lil Bros (3-5 years old)

Dancing isn't just for princesses! We get our rock on in this hip-hop class just for boys! Let's learn some cool moves to impress the ladies!!!

How does it all work?

Program offers two 16-week half-year sessions

Adorable child-friendly stage recital at the end of each session.

Additional recital fee (due in Nov / April) includes:

  • darling costume, tights, and hairpiece your dancer gets to KEEP!

  • Photo shoot with professional photographer

  • Recital playlist

  • Two tickets to our Happy Show!

  • Dress rehearsal

  • Cookie Party!

Frequently Asked Questions

Whatever do we wear??

Leotard and tights….not really required, but totally part of the fun! Any and all colors are perfectly fine (although we rarely see anything other than pink!) Ballet shoes for all classes and tap shoes if we’re tapping!

Miss a class?

No Worries….it happens. Just come to another class in your child’s age group at either studio! Same thing for snow days…we follow LCPS for snow closures and delays. If there is a snow day or delay, just come to another class in your child’s age group at either studio.

How has Corona changed things??

We will now follow very strict guidelines in order to keep everyone safe!!! The biggest and saddest change is we can not offer the 15 month – 2 ½ year old Babies class during this time. There is no way to keep everyone distanced in those classes…..but HOPEFULLY they will return in the Fall!!!! Other Corona changes are….

Are parents allowed in the studio?

Short answer… We want to keep as many germs as possible out of our studio. But here’s a much longer answer:
Tiny’s classes (2 ½ - 3 ½ year olds) – One parent per child is allowed in the room. No siblings. We will set out chairs 6’ apart for your viewing pleasure.
Tippies classes (3 - 4 year olds) – We will begin our session with one parent per child in the room….but will work on weening the parents out. Goal will be by week 3 for them to be on their own!! They will be fine…..mommies, not so much! Only if a child is really having trouble will the parent be allowed to stay.
All Grown Up classes (4 - 5 year olds) – Parents will be allowed to stay for the first couple minutes of the first class. But this hour long class will be considered a drop off. Enjoy the silence!!!

How can we watch the cuteness?

We have shut down our hallways, so our “viewing windows” are now obsolete. We will have once a month (and way more often if possible) virtual viewings. You will be able to watch them from your phone!

6’ Dancing Bubbles

We made them…..but the “build them and they will come” phrase does not exactly describe our Baby Ballerina students and their 6’ distancing bubbles!!! It’s a process. We will get better each and every week!!! But eventually, yes. Rocket scientists step aside….we will get them to dance in their own 6’ dancing bubbles!


Masks are mandatory for all adults and all CDC dancers at all times, but are only preferred for our Baby Ballerina students. We would like them to wear them in and out of the building if possible, but they may take them off once they are in their 6’ dancing bubbles.

Temperature Checks:

Yep!!! Everyone….Every time! We bought all the fancy thermometers that don’t even have to touch your head! Anything above 99.8 will not be allowed in the building. Also, our hand sanitizing is on pointe! Wait to you see our Peppa Pig sanitizing dispenser….the kids LOVE it (a little bit too much)!


UV Sanitizing lights “zap” our studios at the end of each day! And surfaces will be wiped down between classes. Hour long classes will stop a few minutes short to make the cleaning magic happen.

Can I join a class after the session has begun?

You may join in the fun any time!!! If the session has already begun, we will pro-rate the fee.


You may end up using a different door to enter and exit the dance studio. Some studios have their own door, and we will utilize them to keep the hallways clear. Each class is different. We will let you know which door you will be using. Also, please utilize the markings on the sidewalks to keep everyone a safe distance apart!


Go before you come!!!! However, if it is unavoidable, we will clean it after each and every use.

Dance bags

Not necessary. Bring as little as possible in and out of the studio. Shoes and a water bottle should do it!

Will the recital still go on?

We are going to try with all our might to make it happen!!!! The problem is figuring out the audience. We have all of our best people working hard on solutions and are very optimistic that we will come up with a perfect recital alternative!!!

Can I pay my bill all up front like I used to?

We will just go ahead and take the monthly payments for now. It’s a safer option.

What if we go back to Phase II?

No worries! CDC is operating our whole year as if we are in Phase two. Phase two will not phase us at all!!!! Phase I on the other hand will….but we are not going back there!!!!

Do I have to sign a waiver?

All families will have to sign a liability waiver before entering the building.

Safety of our dancers is our NUMBER ONE priority!!!
Please don’t be offended if we ask or remind you to follow the rules!

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