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Hair and Makeup Tutorials

All female dancers are required wear stage makeup to enhance their features on the stage. The bright stage lights will wash out a person's face, so stage makeup is important. Dancers should select foundation and blush that best fits their skin tone. Dancers should also wear eyeliner and mascara to ensure their eyes pop on stage. All dancers are expected to wear red lipstick.

Older dancers can choose to add eyeshadow in neutral tones and can wear false eyelashes if they wish, but neither are required.

Male dancers are not required to wear makeup.

Please watch this video to view how to apply stage makeup for the best effect during the recital:



Each routine has a specific requirement for how the hair is to be style for all girls in the dance. Please consult these videos for tutorials on how to prepare your dancer's hair based on their teacher's requirement

High Bun

Low Ponytail

High Ponytail

Curly Hair - Low Pony and High Pony

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