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Registration Help


Instructions for accessing the Creative Dance Center Customer Portal for the first time:

1. To go to the CDC Customer Portal, navigate to and click on "New Students" under the "Registration" Tab found across the top of website. You will be directed to a new window with our CDC logo and a registration prompt.

If you click on the “I don’t have or know my password” link and do not receive an instantaneous, automatically generated password in your email inbox, it is likely that the email address you’ve provided is not the one we have on file.  Please contact your Studio Location, and we will correct the known email account associated with your account. 


2. In the login prompt, enter the email address that you have on file with CDC, and click on “I don’t have or know my password.”  A password will be randomly created and sent to you immediately by email.

3. Retrieve your temporary password from your email, then return to the CDC Customer Portal, and log in with your email address and your new password to your new, secure, personal CDC account page.

4. Under the "My Account" tab, change your password to something you will remember, make a note of it, and click on the SAVE button when finished and whenever you make changes to your account.  Now you are able to click on a tabbed area such as News, My Account, Fees & Payments, My Contacts, My Students, My Classes, Registration, Policies, etc., to view your detailed account information.

5. Be sure to LOG OFF after you’ve completed your session by clicking on the Sign Out link in the upper left corner of the main page.

You may access your secure account via the CDC Existing Student link found at the top of our website at any time.  Also, please check the NEWS tab inside Jack Rabbit regularly for important news and upcoming events.


Instructions for enrolling in new classes after registering:


1. Once you have found a class in which you would like to enroll, click on the “Enroll” button to the left of the class of your choice.    

2. If you have already completed your registration process, you can click on the “Already a Customer?” Line.  This will lead you to your Customer Portal, where you can log in to your account.      

3. A Blue Pop-Up Box will appear.  Please confirm the class, day, and time.  Please select the student you would like to enroll.  (If you require the sibling discount or multiple-class discount, please call your studio location and request that they perform the adjustment for you.)

4. Be sure to log off after you’ve completed your session by clicking on the "Sign Out" link in the upper left corner of account page.


CDC understands that our online registration system does not replace our desire to provide you with personal service. If you still need help, please contact the CDC Studio location of your choice and our Staff will be happy to assist you!

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