Fees & Tuition

2019-2020 Fees and Discounts 

Registration Fee - $35.00 per Family

Tuition Payments – 10 Monthly Payments. 1st payment is due at registration, last payment is due on May 20th.

#Hours - Tuition Fee -  Early by June 20 -   Savings

.75           $75.00            $70.00                         $50.00

1              $82.00            $77.00                         $50.00

1.5           $108.00          $101.00                       $70.00

1.75         $122.00           $114.00                       $80.00

2              $134.00          $125.00                       $90.00

2.5           $160.00          $150.00                      $100.00

3              $186.00          $175.00                      $110.00

3.5           $212.00          $200.00                      $120.00


We will stop taking registration for Recital classes by January 31, 2020.


CDC Advantage Package

Take your dance training to the next level!


Recital Class + Ballet or Jazz Tech (1.5 hours)+ Tech Class (1 hour)= the CDC Advantage!

Early by June 20  $77.00 (full price) + $50.00 (half off) + $40.00 (half off) = $167.00

2018-19 rate


$82.00 (full price)+ $54.00 (half off)+ $41.00 (half off) = $177.00


*If you drop one of the CDCAdvantage classes, your fee will revert to the regular hourly pricing above.



Costume & Recital Fees

Recital Classes: $170.00 recital fee includes costume, tights, 2 tickets to recital per dancer AND ONE recital video digital download per family.

Additional Costume: $85.00 (no additional tickets/no additional recital video digital download)

Sibling Costume: $120.00 (plus 2 tickets for the sibling/no additional recital video digital download)


CDCompany/CDCrew/CDCast (including Connect):  Recital fee is included in their base package.  It includes 2 tickets per dancer and ONE recital video digital download per family.


CDCompany/CDCrew/CDCast:  DIGITAL RECITAL VIDEO by November 1 for $30. 

It includes a digital video of all recital shows.


Individual A-la-Carte pricing for Specialty Groups.  See Separate page.

Refund and Withdrawal Policy:

Tuition and registration fees are non-refundable.  No credit or refunds for missed classes.  Make-up classes are allowed and must be made up during the current dance season.   By enrolling your dancer in a class, the student is guaranteed a spot in the enrolled class (es) from the starting date through Recital.


If you opt to withdraw, a termination fee equal to 1 month of tuition, but not in excess of $200.00 will be charged to your account due immediately upon withdrawal.   All withdrawals must be in writing to the Studio Director.



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