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June 5 - 6, 2021

Independence High School

23115 Learning Cir, Ashburn, VA 20148

June 5: 1:00pm and 7:00pm

June 6: 1:00pm and 3:30pm

Team Showcases: June 5 - 3:30pm and June 6 - 6:00pm

Consult your specific class page for assigned times

Recital 2021
Guidelines and Reminders

For Rehearsal Day or Recital Day emergencies, please text 571-758-2320

Our hearts are full of Joy and Hope for the Future as we prepare our recital with the theme:  “Into the Unknown”!!! This page has all the information needed to ensure a pleasant and memorable recital experience for your dancer. Please read all information fully and contact your studio director with any questions. 

Picture Day


All dancers have the opportunity to have an individual photo taken in their recital costume this year. Due to COVID restrictions, we will not be taking group photos but “hope” to be able to create some fun group photos collages from individuals for display on our walls. Fingers crossed.


Photo Day is as follows:

  • Saturday, May 22, 10am – 6pm – Ashburn location

  • Sunday, May 23, 10am – 6pm – South Riding location

Please click the following link to sign up for a photo timeslot:

Please complete an order form for each costume you wish to be taken. 

                                         Click here to download photo order form



Each dancer who wishes to have a photo taken in their dance costume will sign up for an individual 5-minute time slot with our photographer. 

  • If a family wants a photo with siblings together as well as individually, the siblings should be signed up for adjoining timeslots.

  • If a dancer wishes to have photos in more than one costumes, a separate time slot is required for each. We recommend leaving one (1) timeslot in between each to change costumes.

Note: You do NOT have to have your photo taken where you take classes. Pick the date and time that works best for you at either location.


Please plan to arrive 10 minutes before your dancer’s assigned timeslot IN your costume with hair and makeup done. Parents may have dancer wear hair and makeup however they would like for photos. Specific guidance regarding hair and makeup for recital will be coming shortly.

Dress Rehearsal

When is my son or daughter performing?

There are four (4) recitals planned for June 5 and 6. Your dancer will perform in one recital. Recital dances are assigned as follows:

- South Riding recital classes - Saturday, June 5

- Ashburn recital classes - Sunday, June 6


Consult your dancer's specific class instructions here for show assignments! 

Can I attend the recital?

Each recital has been planned so that each dancer may have up to 2 guests in the audience. These two tickets are included in the "Performance Fee".

Although two tickets are included in the performance fee for each dancer, the parent MUST order the tickets and select their seat. All seats will be assigned to accommodate social distancing requirements. Please click the following link to select your seats: {Link coming soon}


A livestream will be available for a nominal fee for additional guests who wish to watch a recital. How to purchase livestream links will be available shortly.

The recital will also be recorded and a digital download of the performance will be provided to each family as part of the "Performance Fee"

When should I bring my dancer? Where should I go? What should I do? 

Dancers should arrive at the facility 30 minutes before their assigned performance time. The assigned performance time is on the costume instructions page for each dance. Click here to find your dancer's costume instructions.

Dancer MUST arrive dressed in their costume (or first costume, if they have more than one), hair in the appropriate style and makeup applied. Reminder: no underwear, jewelry, or nail polish. Dancer should bring ONLY a water bottle and their dance shoes. Dancers who are performing in more than one dance should bring their other costume(s) on a hanger, with accessories and shoes in a zip-lock bag.  The costume hanger should be labeled with the dancer’s name. Any dance bags or other items should remain with a parent. NO FOOD OR DRINK (other than water) IS ALLOWED BACKSTAGE OR IN THE DRESSING ROOMS.

Your dancer will meet a CDC staff member in the lobby of the high school. The dancer will be escorted backstage or to a dressing room (for those with multiple dances). Parents will not be allowed in the backstage area. Parents may then proceed to their assigned seats.

What safety procedures are you following? 

We understand and share concern over dancers and staff safety. We will be following all safety protocols as we have been doing in the studios.

  • Per Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) guidelines, each dancer and audience member MUST complete a symptom checker fifteen minutes prior to arrival. The link will be provided just before the event. If a dancer or audience member is exhibiting any symptoms, they will not be permitted to enter.

  • All dancers, staff members, and audience members will wear a face covering over the nose and mouth at all times. Each dancer will be provided one skin-toned mask for use during the dress rehearsal and recital.

  • Dancers and audience members will have their temperature taken before entering the facility. Any individual with a temperature over 100.4 degrees will not be allowed entry.

  • Dancers and audience members will use hand sanitizer upon entry into the facility.

  • Dancers will be social distanced backstage, in the dressing rooms, and in the auditorium.

  • Audience members will be socially distanced in the auditorium.


What if my dancer has more than one dance?

Dancers who have more than one routine in the same recital should wear their first costume (with hair and makeup complete) and bring the costume, accessories and shoes for their second dance. The costume should be on a hanger with accessories and shoes in a large ziploc book hooked on the hanger. The costume hanger should be clearly labeled with the child's name written in large letters. No dream duffels, costume bags, shoe bags, etc. The dancers will place their second costume in a dressing room.

Dancers will be responsible for changing their costume in the dressing room between dances. Volunteers will be on hand to assist but primary responsibility will be on the dancer. No parents will be allowed in the dressing rooms.

Can I take photos or videos during the performance?

Photography and video taping is not allowed during the recital. Each family will receive a link to download a digital recording of the recital as part of the "Performance Fee". This link will be provided within 2-3 weeks upon the conclusion of the recitals.

How will I pick up my dancer after the performance?

As each class concludes their performance, the dancers will be escorted to a seat at the rear of the auditorium (or the dressing room in the event of a costume change). At the conclusion of the recital, your dancer will be dismissed to you from the rear of the auditorium. We ask all families not to congregate in the lobby following the performance as we will be preparing for the next recital. 

We're so excited for this performance and the chance for our dancers to really shine and show us and their families everything they've learned this year!

Recital Day


All recital dances will be rehearsed on stage at Independence High School on Tuesday, June 1.

Your dancer will rehearse their routine between 5:00pm - 7:30pm. Consult your dancer's specific class instructions for specific time!

Please arrive 15 mins prior to your dancer's scheduled rehearsal time! 

  • No parents will be allowed into the facility for Dress Rehearsal. Please drop your dancer at the door like you do at the studio each week.

  • Immediately prior to entering the facility, each person MUST complete a symptom checklist (REQUIRED BY LCPS)

  • All dancers will enter and exit only through the main door.

    • All persons will undergo a temperature scan, and receive hand sanitizer upon entry.

  • When you arrive, you will check in at the door with a CDC Staff member.

    • NO PARENTS will be allowed to attend Dress Rehearsal.

    • Dancers will be escorted to the auditorium by a CDC Staff member

    • All dancers MUST arrive with your hair and makeup COMPLETELY finished, wearing their costume (or first costume, if performing in more than one routine). 

  • Dancers who are performing in more than one dance should bring their other costume(s) on a hanger, with accessories and shoes in a zip-lock bag.  The costume hanger should be labeled with the dancer’s name 
  • Each dance is scheduled in a 15 min block with 2 other classes. Upon completion of that block of routines, the dancers are allowed to leave. So expect your dancer to be ready to be picked up about 20 mins AFTER your assigned rehearsal time (or last rehearsal time, if your dancer has multiple routines).

  • Upon conclusion of the dancer's rehearsal time, a CDC Staff member will escort them to the front of the building to meet their parent.

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