July 11 - 12th, 2020

Lansdowne Woods Clubhouse


After many discussions with our directors, research regarding what other studios across the country and around the world are planning for their recitals, input from our teachers, considerations for where the status of COVID-19 restrictions at various times over the summer, and brainstorming out of the box ideas for ways to give our dancers a positive recital experience to end our year, we have developed a virtual recital plan to wrap-up our season.
We are excited to offer our dancers a chance to perform on stage. The performance will be videotaped and livestreamed. A digital download of the recital will be provided to all participating families after the event. The cost of this download was included as part of the recital fee paid by each family in November.

Where is the recital? Why isn't it at a high school like it normally is? 

Loudoun County Public Schools has not reopened their facilities for outside rentals other than religious organizations. When we realized this likelihood, we explored many options regarding how to conduct a recital. CDC has had a performance relationship with Lansdowne Woods for a number of years, taking our Performing Troupe to perform for the residents many time. Lansdowne Woods is being very gracious in allowing us to perform the recital in their auditorium facility.

The Lansdowne Woods Clubhouse is located at 19375 Magnolia Grove Square, Leesburg, VA 20176

Why can't I watch my child dance in person? 

Based on the guidelines for Virginia reopening, and the guidelines provided to us by our performance venue, we must keep our total number of dancers and staff within the facility to approximately 50 people. Additionally, the clubhouse at Lansdowne Woods is not allowing any "guests" in their facility. They have graciously allowed us to use their facility, but have restricted our access to performers and staff. Because of that restriction, parents will not be allowed in the building to watch the performance.

How can I access the livestream? 

The recital will be livestreamed via YouTube. Parents will be provided the link a few days before the performance, and the link will be posted on www.cdcdance.com

The livestream will be public, so families and friends at home, across the country, and around the world can watch your dancer perform. Make sure you share the details with your extended family and friends!

Between live dance performances, we will be featuring performances of our specialty teams from this year's competitive events prior to the shutdown due to coronavirus.

When should I bring my dancer? Where should I go? What should I do? 

Dancers should arrive at the facility 15 minutes before their assigned performance time. The assigned performance time is on the costume instructions page for each dance. Click here to find your dancer's costume instructions.

When arriving at Lansdowne Woods, please inform the guard at the gate that you are there for the performance in the clubhouse. After passing through the guard station, proceed up the hill and turn right and then immediately left into the clubhouse parking lot. The auditorium is on the front, left side of the building as you approach. The door we are using for entrance / exit will be clearly marked.

Wait in your vehicle until a staff member appears at the auditorium door to welcome the class into the waiting area. Please monitor texts and email during this time as notifications may be sent via JackRabbit. Please be patient as we will be observing all safety protocols as we have been at in studio. 

You may then watch your dancer's routine livestreamed at the scheduled time from your vehicle, and be ready to pick them up when returned to you as soon as their performance is complete.

As each dance is scheduled for ten minutes apart, your total time at Lansdowne Woods should be approximately 30 minutes.

PLEASE NOTE: If your dancer arrives after their class has been allowed to enter the building, you may not be able to participate, as we will be limiting entry and exit into the waiting area.

What safety procedures are you following? 

We understand and share concern over dancers and staff safety. We will be following all safety protocols as we have been doing in the studios.

  • Dancers will be asked to stand 6 feet apart while waiting to enter and exit the building.

  • Dancers are asked to wear their mask when entering and exiting the building and while waiting to perform. Whether a dancer wears a mask during the performance is up to the parents. 

  • Dancers and staff will have their temperature taken before entering the facility. Any individual with a temperature over 100.4 degrees will not be allowed entry.

  • We are limiting groups to 3 in the building at any one time.

  • Dancers will be social distanced as much as possible while in the waiting room.

  • Dancers will not be allowed anywhere else in the building other than the waiting room and performance area.

  • Individuals from Lansdowne Woods will not be allowed in the waiting room and performance area.

  • UV Sanitizers will be run inside the performance facility the evening before the performance and on Saturday night after the first day.


Can my dancer come in clothes and change at the facility?

Each dancer MUST arrive in full costume, makeup, and hair as specified in costume instructions, wearing street shoes and carrying only their dance shoes and a water bottle. 

Staff will be available to assist only with shoe changes and simple costume adjustments. They will not be able to put on tights, change from street clothes, etc. We understand this is a different procedure than our normal recitals.


What if my dancer has more than one dance?

Most students who have more than one dance have been scheduled close together. Unfortunately, that was not always possible and if a dancer has more than 1 hour and fifteen minutes between dances, the dancer will be returned to their parents after the first dance. They should then return at the appointed time for their second dance, in that costume, with hair and makeup done. This is necessary to maintain capacity limits within the facility.


Dancers whose routines are close together should wear their first costume (with hair and makeup complete) and bring the costume, accessories and shoes for their second dance. The costume should be on a hanger with accessories and shoes in a large ziploc book hooked on the hanger. The costume hanger should be clearly labeled with the child's name written in large letters. No dream duffels, costume bags, shoe bags, etc. CDC will provide a hanging rack where costumes can be hung between dances.

Dancers will be responsible for changing their costume in the waiting room between dances. Volunteers will be on hand to assist but primary responsibility will be on the dancer.

How will I pick up my dancer after the performance?

At the conclusion of your dancer’s performance, they will be escorted back to the waiting room to collect their belongings and will then be released to their parents. Parents should place a sign in their car window with their dancer’s name in large print and step out of the vehicle to assist us with an orderly dismissal.

Are we having picture day?

Unfortunately, due to social distancing requirements, we are unable to host picture day. However, recital is a time to celebrate and we encourage you to bring flowers for your dancer after their performance. You may take photos of your own dancer in costume after their performance, outside the facility. We ask you to be aware of other families trying to do the same and respect social distancing.

We'd love to share your photos. Please tag us on Instagram (@cdcva) and Facebook (@CDCDance) and use the Hashtag #TheShowMustGoOn !!

We're so excited for this performance and the chance for our dancers to really shine and show us and their families everything they've learned this year!

Virtual Recital 2020
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