Recital 2020
CDC Breaks the Internet!


All Creative Dance Center recital classes are scheduled for dress rehearsal and photos
on either Monday, June 1st or Tuesday, June 2nd

Dress Rehearsal

  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your dancer’s scheduled rehearsal time.

  • Each dancer should be dressed in their costume, hair in the appropriate style and make-up applied.

  • Don't forget your accessories, dance shoes and tights!

  • No nail polish or jewelry.

  • Parents and dancers are welcome to watch rehearsal. The audience will need to remain quiet to enable the technical crew and the dancers to hear the teacher’s instructions.

  • Parents may videotape at the dress rehearsal. Note: Videotaping is not allowed at the recitals. Each dancer will receive a video via digital download of the recital 

  • Flash photos are prohibited at the dress rehearsal.

Picture Day

  • After the class rehearses its dance on the stage, they will be escorted to the Photo Shoot area. ** Parents will not be permitted in this area.

  • Student must have a photo-purchase envelope in hand at their dress rehearsal time for each dance they wish to order an individual or group photo, ready before they take the stage. These will be available in the lobby when you arrive.  If you prefer to fill one out ahead of time, please ask for one now at the front desk of your CDC studio.  One form per costume.

  • The teacher will collect their envelopes. Each class will do a group photo, followed by individual photos for anyone who would like to order one.  We encourage all students to be in the group photo, even if the student doesn’t intend to purchase individual photos.

  • If you will be paying by credit card, you need to pay online at  <INSERT URL HERE> before the picture is taken.You can even do this at home! Write the confirmation code on the Picture Order Envelope.

  • If your dancer is in more than one dance, they will need one confirmation code and Picture Order Envelope for each costume.

  • Dancers will be returned to the auditorium after pictures are taken and are welcome to leave after their last dance has been rehearsed and pictures taken.