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COVID-19 Studio Protocol

All families must sign a waiver prior to their first visit to the studio. Please click here to complete the waiver. --> Waiver

At Creative Dance Center, we are committed to providing a safe environment for your dancer. Our studios are an outlet for children, a place for them to have a sense of normalcy, a social outlet, and to continue to explore their love of dance. We have made operational changes, taken precautionary measures, and adjusted policies being made to facilitate the safest possible environment for our dancers.
Please review these procedures, as well as our safety video, with your dancer prior to entering the studio for the first time.


Our lobby and buildings are closed to parents and guests at this time. Dancers should wait in vehicles until welcomed by a staff member. Dancers should wait on socially distanced marks on the sidewalk until invited at the door to enter the building .

Please consult your class schedule for your dancer's studio assignment.  All classes in Ashburn will enter and exit through the front door. Classes in South Riding will enter and exit through separate doors:

  • Classes in Studio 1 and Studio 2 will arrive at the front door. 

  • Classes in Studio 3 will arrive at the back of the building at Door #115

  • Classes in Studio 4 will arrive at the back of the building at Door #120

Dancers will be released to their parents / carpool at the conclusion of class at the same door.


All dancers must arrive wearing a mask and in proper dance attire. Dress codes for each class are located here.  Bathrooms are for restroom use only, not for changing. Dancers should wear their street shoes from their car and carry only their dance shoes and a water bottle into the building. Please do not allow your dancer to wear dance shoes, including hip hop sneakers, outside. Not only can this ruin the dance shoes, it brings dust from the outside onto the dance floor where it grinds into our special dance floors.


Exception: If a dancer has two classes in a row, they may bring a small dance bag with the other dance shoes. All belongings will be kept within the studios with the dancers. Spots are marked around the dance rooms to place bags, shoes, and water bottles 6' apart from each other.


Every dancer and staff member will have their temperature taken upon arrival. Any dancer or staff member with a temperature over 100 degrees will not be permitted to attend that day. If a dancer has exhibited symptoms of COVID-19, they should be kept home until they are no longer exhibiting symptoms. Staff will not be permitted to enter if they are exhibiting signs of COVID-19.


Masks must be worn when entering and leaving the building and when moving through the studio. Masks are required while dancing in a physical distance box. Dancers are permitted to take their mask down as needed for breathing or drinking water during exercise. 

Exception: Masks are optional but encouraged in our Baby Ballerina classes.


Teachers are required to wear masks at all times while teaching. 


Class sizes are limited to enable physical distancing. No studio will have students that exceed the capacity for the number of 6 foot squares within the room.


Dancers should maintain proper physical distance while entering and exiting the building. Boxes have been marked off in each studio to allow for 6 feet of distancing while dancing. At times, dance formations will require dancers to be in closer proximity than 6 feet and masks will be required at that time.

Spaces are marked 6 feet apart on ballet barres and additional free-standing barres or folding chairs will be used to ensure distancing. 


Dancers and staff will sanitize their hands when entering the building. Restrooms are monitored to ensure they are occupied by only one person at a time. All high touch surfaces in restrooms are sanitized after each use.


High touch surfaces within each studio are sanitized between each class (classes will end 7-10 minutes early until further notice to allow time for cleaning). Ultraviolet sanitizers are run in each studio nightly.


Dancers should bring their own labeled water bottle to the studio. The water fountain is closed and no water or snacks will be available for sale. If your student takes more than one class and needs a snack, please pack it in their bag to keep with them.

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