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Gabrielle Boyle

CDC Tap Company educates dancers in the art of tap, from cultural history to performance and technique. Tap company members elevate their tap training by studying elements of music theory to understand rhythm as a basic element of tap technique. Tap company members perform in the same events as CDCompany.

 ap company members will be between 4 and 19 years old, broken down into groups based on skill level. Because tap groups are based on skill level, dancers may be placed with a mix of ages. Dancers will be placed in tap technique classes based on their skill level. Summer tap classes are highly recommended for anyone interested in Tap Company. 

CDC offers multiple tracks for team members, providing the opportunity for dancers to participate and grow from wherever they are in their dance journey.

Auditions for 2020-2021 Tap Company Program

Auditions for new team members will be held July 14th. Click here to register.

For more information, please email Gabrielle Boyle at

Ashburn Studio

44710 Cape Ct, # 126
Ashburn, VA 20147


South Riding Studio

43130 Amberwood Plz., #110

South Riding, VA 20152


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