Gabrielle Boyle


CDCrew is committed to building the leaders of the next generation. We believe arts education ignites the creativity, self-confidence and discipline that can lead to exceptional leaders. We focus on being a platform for choreographers and dancers to elevate our Hip Hop community by providing a positive environment within the urban youth culture, and by promoting the growth of dance and creativity throughout Northern Virginia. Members of the Crew program enter into regional Competitions and Conventions. Dancers train in a multitude of urban styles from CDC’s esteemed faculty as well as several guest artists. Our program is designed to create high caliber dancers that are well versed in all styles, making them well rounded artists.

CDC offers multiple tracks for team members, providing the opportunity for dancers to participate and grow from wherever they are in their dance journey.

Auditions for 2020-2021 Crew Program

For more information or to request an audition package, please email Gabrielle Boyle at​​


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