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Baby Ballerina

Who says the big kids get to have all the fun?!?!

Our Baby Ballerina program is specifically designed for the incredibly imaginative minds of our youngest dancers’ age 15 months to 5 years old.  It is truly a unique and enchanting learning experience where smiling, sharing, and saying, "thank you very much" are the main rules.  It is filled with fairies and fairytales where imagination rules, creativity runs amuck, and lots of learning is disguised with cuteness and fun!  Baby Ballerina has been mommy-adored and ballerina-loved for almost two decades.  It is just what every mommy dreams of for her little girl and exactly what every little girl's dreams are made of!


Baby Ballerina offers two 16 week 1/2 year sessions...each ending with an adorable, child friendly stage recital that includes costumes that your little dancer will enjoy for years to come!  There will be photo shoots, dress rehearsals, and cast cookie parties...a super good time is going to be had by all!  Quick! Someone better call Grandma!  Wait until she hears about this!

 Session I

September 12th to January 16th

Winter Wonderland Recital

Sunday, January 17, 2016

$350 + $75 Recital/Costume Fee

(5) Installment
Payments of $70 each
See Below for
Class Days and Times

Session II

January 30th to May 21st

Flowers and Fairies Recital
Sunday, May 22, 2016 

$350 + $75 Recital/Costume Fee

(5) Installment
Payments of $70 each

Check Back Soon for
Class Days and Times




The $75.00 Recital/Costume fee includes a darling costume, hairpiece and pair of princess tights that your little dancer gets to take home and enjoy for years to come!  It also includes a photo shoot sitting fee with a professional photographer, a recital music CD, unlimited seating for your family and friends (no need to buy tickets) a dress rehearsal and a cast cookie party!   Due to costume ordering necessities…the recital fee is due early and is non-refundable. 


Baby Ballerina also offers an 8-week summer class session along with 6-weeks of “Frozen” Summer Camp Fun!! 

“Frozen” Summer Camp Flyer


Be sure to give Daddy his special turn to dance!!!   Check back soon for information about our annual Valentine’s Day Daddy Dance!  


If the session has already begun, we will pro-rate the fee…you may join in the fun any time!!  Miss a class? No worries. No need to call, no need to write…who has the time?  Just come to another class in your child’s age group at either studio during the same session.  Same thing for snow days…we follow LCPS for snow closures and delays.  If there is a snow day or delay, just come to another class in your child’s age group at either studio.   Whatever do we wear???  Leotard, tights and ballet shoes.   It’s really not required, but totally part of the fun!!!  Any and all colors are fine (although we rarely see anything other than pink!) We have lots of fun things to choose from on our on-line dance wear store SHOP CDC…and you get 10% off for being a CDC student!  We also have a 10% off multi-class discount…so sign-up with your sibling or choose two classes for yourself…and be sure to check out our 20/20 referral program…$20.00 for them and $20.00 for you for every friend you refer that signs up.  You can add them up and save a bundle!!  Ask the front desk for referral cards.


Baby Ballerina (15 months to 2 years old) 
We’ll princess parade our way into a world of ballet, one tippy toe at a time!  This action packed class comes with a nap guarantee!  I wonder who is going to have more fun?  Mommy or me!?!

Tiny Princess (2 to 3 years old)
Sitting still is kind of tricky for us, but that’s okay!  We’ll learn our first ballet positions by scooping kitties and catching butterflies with lots of help from wands, tutus and these new people called princesses - all with mommy’s leg nearby!

Tap and TuTu I & II (3-4 and 4-5 years old)
We’ll twirl, be a princess, then top it off with tap!  Just living the dream, mom!  Just living the dream!

Princess I  (3-4 years old)
We are way beyond the baby stuff and almost have that sitting thing down.  Mommy's leg doesn't even have to be that close.  Now, it's time for the real ballerina-ing to begin!

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