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                                         Baby Ballerina
Baby Ballerina is a truly unique and enchanting experience for our youngest dancers, aged 18 months to 5 years old.  It is sweet, nice, and kind, where smiling, sharing, and saying, "Thank You Very Much," are the main rules.  It is filled with fairies and fairytales where imagination rules, creativity runs amok, and learning is disguised with cuteness and fun! 

Baby Ballerina has been mommy-adored and ballerina-loved for well over a decade... it is just what every mommy dreams of for her little girl and exactly what every little girl's dreams are made of!

Trained, professional dance instructors will lead your baby through a fairy tale of movement that will increase gross motor skills and even the most creative imaginations.  Costumes are provided daily.  Students will perform in "The Little Nutcracker" in December on a stage!  Don’t miss your chance to have your child participate in this lovely baby ballet!

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